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Box Shoe

The pile end can be equipped with a box shoe which protects the pile end.

Crack Rings

The crack ring protects the top end of the pile against cracks while driving.

Drive Plates

A drive plate is used to protect a joint on the pile during driving.
The plate is installed on top of the joint on the bottom pile to protect the locking dowels of the joint from the driving impacts. The drive plates are either made of a plastic compound or cast metal.


Leimet Pile Joint Casting Guide

With the help of the Leimet´s casting guide, the joint can be positioned perpendicularly on the pile. 
This ensures the correct position of the joint on the pile and contributes to a successful piling result.

The casting guide for the Leimet single pin pile joint is fastened to the joint with one locking pin.

Leimet Casting Guide Beam

The Leimet Casting Guide Beam has been developed to provide an easy and fast way to install several joints at a same time.

Using the Casting Guide Beam, joints can be easily installed, taking into account work ergonomics, while avoiding uncomfortable working positions. After installation of the joints to the beam, the entire beam is lifted on top of the molds.  The number of joints in one casting beam can be adjusted according to customer needs.