Pile joints

Leimet Joints

  • No welding needed at site.
  • Big savings in time which in turn speed up project efficiency. The building will be commissioned faster, which will improve the return on investment.
  • Pile driving machines can be used more efficiently, more piles and metres will be installed in one day.
  • Piles are easier to transport and install, no special transportation is needed.
  • No need to increase the side dimension of the pile in relation to the length of pile.

Leimet ABB OPTIM Pile Joint

  • The Leimet ABB OPTIM Pile Joint is the newest generation of ABB Joints developed by Leimet.
  • In this new joint the locking mechanism has been further developed.
  • Locking components can be located at different distances from the pile edge.
  • The patented locking mechanism of the Leimet ABB OPTIM joint ensures that the joint remains intact during pile driving.
  • Leimet ABB OPTIM pile joints are tested according to the standard EN 12794 to the highest class A, by the Technical University of Tampere.
  • Leimet ABB OPTIM pile joints are CE-marked from 200 x 200mm to 450 x 450mm.

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Leimet Single Pin Pile Joint

  • A patented product
  • For sites where the pile element is subjected to smaller loads
  • Secured by driving one locking pin through the loops joining the two elements
  • Leimet single pin pile joints have been tested according to the EN 12794 standard

Binab Joint

  • For joining concrete and wooden piles

Binab Joint info PDF (DE)

Customer-Specific Special Products

  • A pile joint can also be made according to dimensions provided by the customer
  • Even small batches can be delivered in a flexible manner

Leimet Locking Pins

Leimet Locking Pins are part of the patented Leimet locking mechanism and developed under high quality standards.

Easy to install by hammer or using Leimet OPTIPRESS tool.

The pins are delivered with the joints and are identified in label coloured bags, that match with the model of joint selected.